Innovative solutions to make your warehouse smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Our solutions help prevent forklift accidents, reduce labor and maintenance costs, improve fleet utilization, and help warehouse managers make smarter data-driven decisions.

Our proprietary AI-powered MotionKits are IoT sensors that attach to any material handling equipment in under 15 minutes.  

Without expensive infrastructure, we create a 3D layout map of your warehouse. The MotionKit captures and feeds location data, helping you discover and map your fleets' locations and activities. 

You get a 3D, mapped animation of all your vehicles and real-time live-streaming video within the warehouse at once — and you can access it from anywhere.

Motion2AI's technology helps prevent accidents in real time - keeping your people, equipment, and inventory safe from costly lost-time incidents.


Our Solutions

Real-Time Location System

Track and monitor the movement and location of MHE in real-time to improve safety and efficiency.

Real-Time Streaming Video

Get a real-time front and back view from the driver's seat of your fleet - anywhere, anytime.

Preventative Safety Alarms

When approaching another vehicle, an intersection, or a geofenced warning zone, vehicle alarms sound.

Utilization Reporting

Understand each vehicle's total hours and distance to improve utilization and maintenance decisions.

Dash Cam Playback

View a vehicle's dash cam at a specific date and time. Then export the video for incident or training purposes.

3D Layout Map

View a digitized version of your warehouse and MHE fleet in real-time without expensive infrastructure.


Optimize MHE traffic flow, identify high-activity areas, and reduce safety hazards with a powerful heat map.

Historical Route Tracking

View a vehicle's location and path at a specific date and time to understand incidents and issues.



AI-Powered IoT Sensor

A MotionKit is our proprietary AI IoT sensor that attaches to any forklift in less than 15 minutes. The sensor captures location data, helping you discover and map the vehicle's locations and activities. You get a 3D, mapped animation of all your vehicles within the warehouse at once — and you can access it from anywhere.

MotionStudio Dashboard


Data Analytics Dashboard

Our dashboard gives warehouse managers access to data and analytics in real-time. Monitor your fleet, see your dashcam video, understand productivity data, utilization, and vehicle statistics in one place. You can be more proactive and strategic in maintenance, labor, and resource decisions.


Collision warnings

Vehicles sound an alarm when a collision with another vehicle or object is close.

Intersection proximity

When a vehicle approaches the center of an intersection and if there is another vehicle in a defined radius, both vehicles sound an alarm.

Geofence proximity

When a vehicle is moving in a warning zone geofence you set, the vehicle sounds an alarm.


Reduce costs

Use AI-powered dashboards to optimize routes to reduce fuel, labor, and maintenance costs.

Improve utilization

Enable better resource allocation and identify process improvement and efficiency opportunities.

Make smarter decisions

Get real-time visibility into performance metrics to quickly make decisions based on the correct data.

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