From AI to ROI in <90 Days:
AI Forklift RTLS

It seems like AI is everywhere, but what can it really do for your warehouse? The answer is, more than you think.

AI-driven solutions aren’t a black box, nor are they only suitable for new, high-tech operations. The fact is that AI-powered RTLS can be implemented in existing facilities with legacy equipment. Most importantly, they can improve costs, safety and operations in a matter of months.

From AI to ROI in 90 Days Infographic Snippet

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Improve your warehouse operations with Motion2AI

Prevent accidents

Prevent costly MHE accidents with safety alarms and insightful data.

Reduce costs

Use AI-powered dashboards to optimize routes to reduce fuel, labor, and maintenance costs.

Improve utilization

Enable better resource allocation and opportunities for process improvement and efficiency.

Make better decisions

Turn real-time visibility into smart data-driven decisions.


Our Solutions

Real-Time Location System

Monitor the movement of MHE in real-time to improve safety and efficiency.

Real-Time Streaming Video

Sit the drivers' seat of your fleet - anywhere, anytime.

Preventative Safety Alarms

Vehicle alarms sound when approaching another vehicle, intersection, or geofenced warning zone.

Utilization Reporting

Understand every vehicle's total hours and distance to improve utilization and maintenance scheduling.

Dash Cam Playback

View a vehicle’s dash cam recording at a specific date and time. Then export the video for incident or training purposes.

3D Layout Map

View your warehouse and MHE fleet in real-time without expensive infrastructure.


Optimize MHE traffic flow, identify high-activity areas, and reduce safety hazards with powerful visualizations.

Historical Route Tracking

View previous vehicle locations and paths to understand incidents and issues.

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