AI-powered Forklift Telematics and Forklift Tracking

The simple solution for preventing forklift accidents, reducing labor costs, improving utilization, and making better data-driven decisions.

Simple warehouse optimization is here.

Motion2AI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software company focusing on forklift tracking and telematics. Our solutions proactively prevent forklift accidents, reduce labor costs, improve fleet utilization, and help warehouse managers make data-driven decisions.

 Our MotionKits can be installed in about 10 minutes and seamlessly integrate with your existing physical and digital infrastructure, giving you real-time visibility immediately.

Our solutions help you do more in less time.

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Scott Cubbler Motion2AI CEO

Motion2AI Names Scott Cubbler as Chief Executive Officer

Dallas, TX (March 07, 2023): Motion2AI, the leading provider of vision-based AI forklift tracking and telematics software, appointed Scott Cubbler as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


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